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First, some introductory words

Nijmegen, june 2015, fotos Kick Smeets


in my office, Erasmus building E. 5.21, Nijmegen (June 2014)

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The latest books in English to which I have contributed:

Apuleius,Rhetorical works | Apuleius, Commentary on Amor and Psyche (GCA) |  Tertullian, de Pallio

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Who is Vincent Hunink?


I am a Latinist, working as an assistant professor at the  Radboud University Nijmegen (The Netherlands, Europe) in the department of Latin and Greek, which is part of the Faculty of Arts, notably in the field of Early Christian Greek and Latin. Most of my book publications are translations and commentaries.

My main interests, apart from my work as a classicist, are: Byzantine and Orthodox chant, railways, Belgian beers, and computers. I love traveling my country (the Netherlands) by bicycle (when the weather is fine), and swimming (on a daily basis). 

This is where I work, the Erasmus building in Nijmegen:

the train in the foreground comes from Roermond, heading for Nijmegen. The image is some years old: this type of train (Dutch DE III) is no longer running here.



What can you find on these pages?

The site is designed for Dutch users, who may wish to know more about my translations and other professional activities. Users who do not read Dutch may refer to the English pages for my translations, other publications, and current research.

For those of you who happen to love choral music, I have put a full list of my CD collection here.


What does the title mean?

'Old but new': in these three words I sum up much of what I hope to achieve in working with ancient Greek and Latin texts: they are unmistakably 'old', but if they are interpreted, reinterpreted, translated, commented upon, and discussed, they may become, in a way, new.




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