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Among the published books and articles by Vincent Hunink, there are several in English. You will find a list of the most important ones below on this page.

Many of my articles in English have been digitalized. Most of them have become available on this website. Please check this page, or the index on authors.

For separate information about my editions and translations, I refer to my Dutch pages. You may also wish to consult the list of all publications (English, German, Dutch).

For work in progress, you may consult the page on 'projecten', which has a section in English on current research.


Here is a special book in Dutch from 2019
which I mention here because it may be relevant for international scholars.
It is the first translation ever to collect
all letters by Marcus Aurelius and Fronto,
and to present them in a chronological order
(rather than the thematical order in which they have been transmitted).
If you are interested to publish the book in another language,
please contact me.





BOOKS ON APULEIUS (latest first)


  • Apuleius Metamorphoses IV, 28-35; V and VI, 1-24, The Tale of Cupid and Psyche. text, Introduction and Commentary, by M. Zimmerman, S. Panayotakis, V.J.C. Hunink, W.K. Keulen, S.J. Harrison, Th.D. McCreight, B. Wesseling, D. van Mal-Maeder, (Egbert Forsten) Groningen 2004; [596 p.]

  • Aspects of Apuleius' Golden Ass Volume II Cupid and Psyche, a collection of original papers edited by M. Zimmerman, V. Hunink, Th. D. McCreight, D. van Mal-Maeder, S. Panayotakis, V. Schmidt en B. Wesseling, (Egbert Forsten) Groningen 1998; [236 p.];

read the introduction on-line



STUDIES ON APULEIUS (latest first)


  • 'Apology in Apuleius' Metamorphoses', in: M. Zimmerman, S. Panayotakis, W.H. Keulen, ICAN 2000, The Ancient novel in context, abstracts of papers to be read at the Third International Conference on the Ancient Novel to be held at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 25-30 july, 2000, Groningen 2000, 48; (ISBN 90-367-1273-4);


ON APULEIUS (latest first)






REVIEWS ON LUCAN (latest first)








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  • 'Biblical fun, humour in the Cena Cypriani', in: Roald Dijkstra, Paul van der Velde (eds.) Humour in the beginning. Religion, humour and laughter in formative stages of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism, John Benjamins Publihing Company, Amsterdam 2022, 127-141; [PDF available on request, please email me]
  • 'Female bodies: Perpetua and Felicitas', in: N. Vos and P. van Geest (eds), Early Christian Mystagogy and the Body, Peeters, Leuven/Paris/Bristol CT 2022, 77-96; [ISBN 978-90-429-4850-1]
    (PDF available on request, please email me)

  • 'Psalmus contra partem Donati', [lemma] in: Robert Dodaro, Cornelius Mayer, Christoph Müller (edd.), Augustinus-Lexikon, vol. 4, Fasc. 7/9=8 Prouerbium, Prouerbia (Prv)-Sacrificium, Schwabe Verlag, Basel 2018; ISBN 978-3-7965-3710-3; kol. 985-990; [ please note: if you wish to see a PDF, please contact me ]

ALL REVIEWS (in chronological order, earliest first)

  • review of H.C.R. Vella, Repeats and symmetrical clusters (...) Malta 1987, in: Mnemosyne 42, 1989, 265-7;
  • review of I. Dionigi, Lucrezio. Le parole e le cose, Bologna 1988, in: Mnemosyne 44, 1991, 232-5;
  • review of B. Kytzler, Laudes Italiae, 1988; in: Mnemosyne 44, 1991, 231-2;
  • review of E. Rossi, Una metafora presa alla lettera: le membre lacerate della famiglia. `Tieste' di Seneca e i rifacimenti moderni, Pisa 1989; in: Mnemosyne, 45, 1992, 126-7;
  • review of G.B. Conte, La 'guerra civile' di Lucano, studi e prove di commento, Urbino 1988; in: Mnemosyne, 45, 1992, 127-8;
  • review of J. Masters, Poetry and civil war in Lucan's Bellum Civile, Cambridge 1992; in: Mnemosyne 46, 1993, 252-4;
  • review of F. Spaltenstein, Commentaire des Punica de Silius Italicus, Lausanne 1986-1990; in: Mnemosyne 46, 1993, 286-7;
  • review of Florus, Carmina, ed. C. Di Giovine, 1988, in: Mnemosyne, 46, 1993, 287-8;
  • review of Lucan, Civil War, translated with an introduction and notes by Susan H. Braund, Oxford 1992; in: Mnemosyne 46, 1993, 557-9;
  • review of Lucan, De bello civili book II, ed. E. Fantham, Cambridge 1992; in: Latomus 52, 1993, 899-901;
  • review of Lucrezio, l'atomo e la parola; colloquio lucreziano Bologna 26 gennaio 1989, Bologna 1990; in: Mnemosyne 47, 1994, 141;
  • review of B. Boyce, The language of the freedmen in Petronius' Cena Trimalchionis, Leiden 1991; in: Mnemosyne 47, 1994, 258-62;
  • review of. van E. Courtney, The poems of Petronius, Atlanta 1991; in: Mnemosyne 47, 1994, 262-4;
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  • review of J.H. Molyneux (ed.), Literary responses to civil discord, Nottingham 1993 in: Mnemosyne 48, 1995, 511-2;
  • review of Steven Farron, Virgil's Aeneid: a poem of grief & love; en: Virgil Aeneid IX, ed. Ph. Hardie, Cambridge 1994; in: Mnemosyne 49, 1996, 485-9;
  • review of : Archestratus, The life of luxury, translated with introduction and commentary by John Wilkins and Shaun Hill, Totnes 1994; in: Mnemosyne 49, 1996, 591-4;
  • review of: Seneca, Four dialogues, ed. Costa, Warminster 1994; in: Mnemosyne 49, 1996, 619;
  • review of: G. Viansino, Lucano, La guerra civile, Milano 1995; in: Classical Review 47, 1997, 207;
  • review of: Bruce Swann, Martial's Catullus, Hildesheim 1994; in: Mnemosyne 50, 1997, 381;
  • review of: Petronius, The Satyricon, transl. by P.G. Walsh, Oxford 1996; en Apuleius, The Golden Ass, transl. by P.G. Walsh, Oxford 1994; in: Mnemosyne 50, 1997, 640;
  • review of : G. Maggiulli/M. Franca Buffa Giolito, L'altro Apuleio'; in: Classical Review 47, 1997, 427-8;
  • review of: Accius, Oeuvres (fragments) ed. Dangel, Paris 1995, in: Mnemosyne 51, 1998, 256;
  • review of: Marica Frank, Seneca's Phoenissae, introd. and comm., in: Mnemosyne 51, 1998, 378-80;
  • review of: Gareth D. Williams, The curse of Ovid's exile, a study of Ovid's Ibis, Cambridge 1996; in: Mnemosyne 51, 1998, 481-3;
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  • review of: T.J. Lear, Martial, Book XIV, the apophoreta, London 1996; in: Mnemosyne 51, 1998, 228-9;
  • review of: Eckard Lefčvre, Studien zur Struktur der 'milesischen' Novelle bei Petron und Apuleius', Mainz/Stuttgart 1997; in: Classical Review 49, 1999, 80-2;
  • review of:Matthias Ludolph, Epistolographie und Selbstdarstellung. Untersuchungen zu den 'Paradebriefen' Plinius des Jüngeren, Tübingen 1997, in: Mnemosyne 52, 1999, 359-60;
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  • review of: P. Esposito, Gli scolii a Lucano ed altra scoliastica latina, Pisa 2004; in: Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2005. 07.19; 


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